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Letras de Canciones de Queen, Letra de Dragon Attack

Letras Queen

Letra Dragon Attack
Imprimir letra de cancion Dragon Attack
Video de Dragon Attack, Videoclip Dragon Attack de Queen
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Letra de Dragon Attack - Queen

Words and music by brian may

Take me to the room where the redís all red
Take me out of my head-ís what I said yeah
Hey take me to the room where the greenís all green
And from what Iíve seen itís hot itís mean

-gonna use my stack
-itís gotta be mack
-gonna get me on the track
-got a dragon on my back

Take me to the room where the beatís all round
Gonna eat that sound - (yeah yeah yeah!)
Take me to the room where the blackís all white
And the whiteís all black take me back to the shack

-she donít take no prisoners
-gonna give me the business
-got a dragon on my back
-itís a dragon attack

Get down - I said so
Hey hey - all right

Sheís low down
-she donít take no prisoners
Go down
-gonna give me the business
No time
-yeah chained to the rack!
Show time
-got a dragon on my back
Show down
-go find another customer
Slow down
-i gotta make my way