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Letras de Canciones de Queen, Letra de Flash

Letras Queen

Letra Flash
Flash Gordon
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Letra de Flash - Queen

Words and music by brian may

Flash - ah - saviour of the universe
Flash - ah - heíll save evíry one of us
Seemingly there is no reason for these
Extraordinary intergalactical upsets (ha ha ha)
Whatís happening flash?
Only dr hans zarkov formerly at n a s a
Has provided any explanation
Flash - ah - heís a miracle
This mornings unprecedented solar eclipse
Is no cause for alarm
Flash - ah - king of the impossible
Heís for evíry one of us
Stand for evíry one of us
Heíll save with a mighty hand
Evíry man evíry woman evíry child
With a mighty flash
General kaka flash gordon approaching
What do you mean flash gordon approaching?
Open fire all weapons
Dispatch war rocket ajax to bring back his body

Flash - ah
Gordonís alive
Flash - ah - heíll save evíry one of us
Just a man with a manís courage
He knows nothing but a man
But he can never fail
No one but the pure in heart
May find the golden grail oh oh oh oh
Flash flash I love you
But we only have fourteen hours to save the earth